Ramon Pena Gold Cockles (Berberechos) in Brine (25/30) 130g (4.6 Oz)

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4.63 Oz. (3.28 Oz. drained weight)
Conservas Ramon Pena is a premier producer of fine canned seafood. Ramon Pena ties up tradition, flavor and quality to offer an exclusive product with the best fishes and seafood. Galican Rias is a privileged area, located at the West side of mainland Europe, where climate and the purity of their waters make these Rias be a unique place for traditional local fishery and sellfish culture of a high gastronomic value. Our Cockles come exclusively from the Noia estuary, in A Coru¤a, the place where the best cockles of the world are obtained. It is a bivalve mollusk that lives in salty waters and belongs to the family Cardiidae. They are buried in soft bottoms of fine sand and are located from the coastal strip to depths of 10 meters. Recognized for their flavor and texture, they are rigorously selected and purified before opening them to steam in seawater. Our cockles are perfectly placed by hand and bathed in the so-called government liquid (a combination of their own juices and the purified seawater in which they have been cooked) that must never be discarded. After several washing, the cockles are carefully placed in each can and covered with water. And a touch of salt to enhance the natural flavor of the cockles. No additives or preservatives.
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Delicate texture with a sweet and briny taste.
They are ideal as an appetizer or as a side dish to an entree. They have an exquisite flavor that delightfully brings together the flavors of the cockles with the light, saltiness of the brine.
Cockles (Mollusc), water and salt.
  • 4.63 Oz.
  • 3.28Oz. Drained
  • 4.63 Oz. / 12
  • 8.6L 6.6W 4.75H
  • 4.63 Oz.
  • 8.6L 6.6W 4.75H
  • 12 units/case
  • 24 Ti
  • 12 Hi
  • 288 cases