Bringing you the best of Spain since 2005

Catalan Gourmet/Wholesale Cucina is a unique global organization that works with a network of small food producers in Spain and Italy, imports their exquisite products into the USA and delivers everywhere in the country. Our program is designed so that our customers can enjoy a bit of Spain and Italy through an exceptional and authentic culinary experience.

The group of small food producers that participate in the program meet a strict criterion of high quality and authenticity. Our partners produce in their own farms, package in their own factories, conduct their business rurally. They promote the development of a region and its people, while being respectful to the environment, local history, culture and traditions.

We are constantly looking for new partnerships, ideas and ways to re-invent ourselves. Our business model is flexible with one goal in mind: to be able fulfill any customer request. We use cutting edge technology to provide outstanding customer service that goes from having better forecasted stock (fewer shorts), better planned routes and schedules and more convenient ordering and sales tools. All our information is digital (we store no paper) and securely accessible by our employees and vendors from any part of the Word, on a click of a button.

We have offices in Barcelona, New York City and Miami. Our warehouses are in Bronx NY, Miami FL, Los Angeles CA and San Francisco CA. Being involved in the integral process from Farm to Table, helps us to service our customers with the personal touch they deserve and with the confidence that we are delivering exceptional, high quality products.

Thank you for reading about us.