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Catalan Gourmet is a unique global organization that works with an exclusive network of small food producers in Spain, imports their exquisite products into the USA and services customers nationwide. Catalan Gourmet’s innovative product portfolio enables customers to enjoy a bit of Spain through an exceptional and authentic culinary experience. Our B2B model is flexible and caters to the many different demands of our customers. In some cases we even provide private importing services.

Late Afternoon in Bueu, North Atlantic cost in Spain


BONJALAR SPAIN is an organization of small producers that meet strict criteria of high quality and authenticity. BONJALAR partners produce on their own farms, package in their own factories, conduct their business rurally. They promote the development of a region and its people, while being respectful to the environment, local history, culture and traditions. Its office is in Barcelona with warehouses in Tarragona, Spain.

BONAJALAR USA imports into the USA via the New York Harbor and distributes nationwide. Its headquarters are in Manhattan with warehouses in the Bronx, NY. Being involved in the integral process from Farm to Table, helps us to service our customers with the personal touch they deserve and with the confidence that we are delivering exceptional, high quality products.

BONJALAR USA, Inc is a modern company that uses cutting edge technology to optimize costs and efforts to bring liquidity to owners, customers, suppliers and staff. We aim to service those customers which truly appreciate our values. quality, authentic foods and service. We do not aim to have the lowest prices but the best quality to price ratio. This strategy allows us to establish sustainable and dignifying relationships with our Spanish producers such that they do not need to compromise on quality and authenticity to produce extraordinary traditional foods.