Ricotta Salata Soft Mitica (SHEEP?S MILK )(Sardegna) 4/9#

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9 Lbs (9 Lbs drained weight)
The Ricotta Salata is made from 100% sheep?s milk and has a salty, milky flavor. Ricotta means " cooked twice". First the milk is heated for the cheesemaking, then the whey is heated to make the solids left in the whey float to the surface, where they are skimmed off into rush baskets or plastic molds. The wheels come vacuum sealed. Product should breathe from vacuum seal before being cut and wrapped. Ricotta Salata often has some exterior mold, which can easily be cleaned. Made from sheep?s milk whey, salted, and pressed to help preserve the cheese for longer shelf life.
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This Cheese has a salty, milky flavor. The fragile, tiny white lumps are milky with an acidic touch, and it has aromatic lemony notes due to the addition of a little sour milk before the whey is heated.
Perfect for shaving over salads or pasta or crumbling into a salad. It is also delicious served with honye for dessert. Pair with a fresh, dry whit or a spakling Classico Italiano.
Pasteurized sheep's milk whey, salt.
  • 9 Lbs
  • 9Lbs Drained
  • 9 Lbs / 4
  • 9 Lbs
  • 4 units/case
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