Mahon DOP Mitica Reserva 1 yr (Cow) (Menorca) 2/8#

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8 Lbs (6.5 Lbs drained weight)
This DOP cow?s milk cheese from Minorca is aged between 10-12 months. The milk is thermalized, not pasteurized. Our producer Pedro makes this exquisite cheese with such consistency and excellence that its quality is quite the departure from all other aged Mahon. Deep yellow in color with numerous eyes in the cheese and a characteristic orange rind, its flavor is sharp yet sweet in the finish. He rubs it with olive oil, giving it a softer texture and enhancing the flavor, offsetting the brash sharpness into a more balanced cheese. Perfect for grating! 2/8#
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After 10 months aging the cheese has a wonderfull flavor, it is hard and slightly granular, not unlike Parmigiano-Reggiano and haa an aroma and taste of peaches with a sea-salt finish.
Traditionally served as an appetizer, drizzled with olive oil and topped with a sprig of fresh rosemary. It is also used in many famous recipes from the Spanish omlet to tapas and pastries. Pairs well with beer or even sake (Japanese rice wine)
unpasteurized cow's milk, cheese cultures, salt, rennet
  • 8 Lbs
  • 6.5Lbs Drained
  • 8 Lbs / 2
  • 18.5L 9.5W 4.25H
  • 8 Lbs
  • 18.5L 9.5W 4.25H
  • 2 units/case
  • 10 Ti
  • 10 Hi
  • 100 cases