Toca Organic Wildflower Honey 270 gr. 9.5 Oz

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Toca Honey
SPAIN Galicia
9.52 Oz.
Our honey bees live in the natural park preserves in Ancares and Courel. They share the area with local grizzly bears in forests filled with oak and chestnut trees, heather, bramble and thyme. This raw, unfiltered honey has an intense aromatic flavor. Mountains honey comes from a pollen spectrum to provide the typical species in mountain forests that inhabit our bees such as oak and chestnut, heather, bramble and thyme. This mountain honey is particularly rich in minerals and diastase that makes it a very nutritious honey providing energy and helping with proper digestion.
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This raw, unfiltered honey has an intense aromatic flavor, slightly acidic with hints of flowers.
Perfect to spread on toasts, biscuits, bagels or muffins. Add to your fruit or yougurt. Swirl into teas, coffee and smoothies. Try it for your dressings and marinades.
100% organic Spanish mountain honey
  • 9.52 Oz.
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  • 9.52 Oz.
  • 8L 5.375W 3.5H
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