Toca Organic Chestnut Pollen 125 gr 4.4 Oz.

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Toca Honey
SPAIN Galicia
4.41 Oz. (4.41 Oz. drained weight)
Our honey bees live in the natural park preserves in Ancares and Courel, where they collect this monofloral pollen variety. The pollen is dried using a unique low temperature process and is packaged free of chemils. Among the monofloral bee pollen varieties, chestnut is one of the most valued for its high content of antioxidants. The Chestnut pollen also contains, for example 95%, of the antioxidants in the green tea leaf. Besides its high fibre and lactic ferments content, chestnut pollen is especially recommended for regulating bowel movements. Toca ?s chestnut bee pollen is free from any chemical preservation (unlike other kind of organic bee pollens) and it is vacuum packed to ensure its quality and preservation.
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Sweet and pleasant taste with soft texture, that easily dissolves in the mouth.
Mix it with any Toca's organic honeys. Add to yogurt, cereal and baked goods. When blending, add it to your smoothies or detox beverages.
100% organic Spanish chestnut bee pollen
  • 4.41 Oz.
  • 4.41Oz. Drained
  • 4.41 Oz. / 6
  • 8L 2.75W 2.75H
  • 4.41 Oz.
  • 8L 2.75W 2.75H
  • 6 units/case
  • 34 Ti
  • 13 Hi
  • 442 cases