Toca Chestnut Honey 270 gr. 9.5 Oz

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Toca Honey
SPAIN Galicia
9.52 Oz.
This unfiltered honey is collected from late summer chestnut flowers by bees that live in the natural park preserves in Ancares and Courel. Chestnut honey is well known for its energy and antioxidant content, but also for its rich nutritional composition. Several studies have shown its power to generate intestinal tissues, stimulates the creation of new tissues and its action as a natural anti-inflammatory. Moreover, it is a honey rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, key elements for a good blood circulation. Above all, this chestnut honey it ?s a delicious choice to sweeten your favourite dishes.
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It has an aromatic woodsy flavor.
Great option to match with long or medium-aged cheeses such as our Parmesan, Grana Padano, Asiago. Try it also in your pancakes filled with ricotta. Pair it with port wine and juicy pears.
100% organic spanish honey from mountain honey
  • 9.52 Oz.
  • 9.52 Oz. / 6
  • 8L 5.375W 3.5H
  • 9.52 Oz.
  • 8L 5.375W 3.5H
  • 6 units/case
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