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Organic Quince Paste 170 gr./ 6 Oz

Size:6 Oz.
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Organic Quince Paste 170 gr./ 6 Oz

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Aquince Paste is made from fresh quince by cooking the yellow-gold fruit. The natural product contains just of the quince, raw cane sugar and some lemon juice.

Since ancient time, quinces have been cultivated in Spain and have been considered a symbol of love and fertility. Our paste has a sweet and natural fruity flavor. It is rich in minerals, fiber and potassium. 

Yemas de Santa Teresa quince paste is made for more than 150 years in a traditional way with non-genetically modified, and only with organic ingredients. Furthermore it is Kosher certified and Gluten Free. No additives or preservatives are used. This extraordinary paste is made only with fresh fruit; unlike others that are made of canned or frozen fruit.?

We provide the quince paste in three different sizes: 170g, 1.400g and 2.900g.

Tasting Note

Our quince paste has a sweet and natural fruity flavor with a apple-pear-like note.

Food Paring

Ideal for meat plates, recipes that call for something sweet and also excellent for confectionary use. Quince paste (membrillo) is paired magnificently cheese plates. You can also put it on a cracker with aged cheddar, blue cheeese or an creamy cheese.

Logistical Information

Net Drained Weight allergens WEIGHT (Lbs) unit UNITS PER CASE Case WxLxH (inches) Refrigerated? Cases/Layer in pallet Layers in pallet Case Bar Code Unit Bar Code
N/A N/A N/A 10.27 Cs 12 9x9x3.5 TRUE 15 10 1842237252035 1842237252035