Vichy Tonic Water 8.5 Fl.Oz

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THE EXCELLENCE OF SOMETHING UNIQUE Let?s face it, personality is irrepressible. And that's exactly what makes us unique and unbeatable. Impossible to imitate. Vichy Catal n is now launching its new Premium Tonic Water as ?the tonic of tonics?, the only tonic made from Vichy Catal n natural mineral water. The only one that preserves all the mineral and medicinal properties of its natural source, the Caldes de Malavella spring. The excellence and quality of the Vichy Catal n sparkle have been captured by this outstanding new premium tonic water. A tonic that can?t help bring a touch of distinction wherever it goes.

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This unique tonic water mae with Vichy Catalan maintains all the mineral salts of its natural origins. Its initial sweetnees with a slight mineral hint prepares the mouth perfectly for the slightly bitter taste that follows. Flavour that competes in excel
Enjoy chilled and natural.
Vichy Catalan natural mineral water, citric acid, natural citrus aroma, quinine, sweeteners
This product contains sulphites.