Tierra Callada EVOO Arbequina 5.0 L BiBox

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SPAIN Andalucia
5 Liter
Tierra Callada Arbequina is made from Arbequina olives grown in La Loma region in the very heart of Jaen (Spain) and collected when the olive is half way on the ripening process, usually through the month of November. This is the starting point: the olives are harvested at the moment of perfect ripeness. Then there is the olive oil extraction: a careful and laborious process, exacting in detail. Our techniques blend the most modern technology with the savoir fair of another age, a time when quality was more valued than speed. This innovative container is perfect to preserve the aromas and properties of the olive oil. It is fully protected from light and oxidation (olive oil's two great enemies) thanks to its sealed foil pouch. This packaging stands out for its design and simplicity.

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Ripe and green character, resulting into a delicate medium intensity sweet oil. You will recognize immediately ripe banana, honey and apple when you smell it. In the mouth you can find a hint of green grass, and a really slightly spicy and even lees bitte
Keeping in mind this sweet and ?kind? profile you can use it raw, give or take, in anything you want. Also, for cooking, the best option would be bakery as a healthy substitute of saturated fats (yes, talking about butter?).
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina olives