ROMANICO Largueta Almonds prepared in Arbequina EVOO 130g (4.6 oz.)

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4.6 Oz.
Romanico Largueta Almonds are one of the most nutrient packed nuts on earth, packed with protein, fiber, vitamin E, and much much moreare. Having just a handful a day is a great way to keep your body in tip top shape. So Almonds are not only delicious but healthy. This once are fried in Romanico extra virgin olive oil and salt (Lighlty). The Largueta variety of almond is indigenous to Catalonia. They are a bit longer and flatter than the Marcona variety, which provides a bit more surface for them to absorb the flavors of the olive oil. These Largueta Almonds have won the Gold Medal in the snack category of the London Great Taste Award twice in the last few years.

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Sweet and lightly salty with the perfect crunch are the best way to describe these distinctive long almonds. The
They make a perfect snack with some arbequina olives and glass of white wine.
Largueta almonds, extra virgin olive oil, salt