NOMEN Bomba Rice from Ebro Delta, Extra Quality

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NOMEN rice has a solid tradition dating back to 1860 and is farmed using traditional methods in the natural reserve of the Ebro Delta. Bomba rice is one of the most appreciated varieties of rice among chefs around the world; it guarantees the success of any dish. Bomba rice allows for good management of water or broth quantities, the heat intensity and the cooking time. Regardless of one's cooking style, the grains will always remain separate, and it is very resilient to overcooking. Cooking time for 1 cup of rice (x3 times liquid) is 15 - 18 minutes depending on how rich or dry you like your rice. Nutrition Facts Per Serving Size 100g Energy: 353 Kcal/ 1497 KJ Protein: 7.20g Carbohydrates: 76.85g Fat: 0.41g Trans Fat: 0%

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Spanish rice is rounded and short; it absorbs liquid very well, and it stays relatively firm during cooking. Those qualities make it ideal for paella, because it absorbs flavor from the liquid. The rice should be dry and separate when finishing.
Bomba rice.