NASSARI Fresh Anchovies in oil 50 fillets 420g (14.82 Oz)

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50 fillets of fresh Anchovies in oil
These anchovies are harvested in the Cantabrian Sea (North of Spain) using ring nets that only skim the surface of the water. The rough, cold water of the North Sea make the fish delicious. This producer carefully selects the largest and best quality fillets. The fillets are cured in salt for several months giving them a moist texture and mild flavor. These are less salty than many other anchovies in the market. They are preserved in sun-flower oil, as to not affect their gentle flavor; however, you can wash and dress them with olive oil right before eating them.
Fresh anchovies taste intensely salty and pleasant fishy.
They can be used effectively to add flavor to your favourite dish. For instance, Caesar salad often contains anchovy paste. Great addition to pizzas and pasta dishes.
anchovy fillets (Engraulis Encrasicolus), sunflower oil and salt
Contains fish