NASSARI Boquerones (White Anchovies) 80 gr. In Oil

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SPAIN Catalunya
110 Gr.(80 Gr. drained weight)

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The boquerons (marinated anchovies) NASSARI are elaborated from the best prime material,obtained from our seas.
Boquerons NASSARI is a fish that has been fished in the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic and the Cantabrian sea.
They are produced by firstly being cleaned in abundant water, then marinated with wine vinegar and salt, this is how they obtain their characteristic flavour, colour and texture. Product cleaned one by one, by hand. This product was previously frozen at -20C to prevent anisakiasis.
Charasteristic salty and wine vinegar flavour of our marinated anchovies with smooth aroma of garlic and parsley.
Great product to add extra flavour to salads. Incredible on toasted bread, with fresh tomato, oil and tuna.
Anchovy fillets, sunflower oil, virgin olive oil, wine vinegar
Contains fish