Lomo 100% Acorn-Fed Iberico Presliced Dry-cured 71 g.

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70 Gr.
The pigs roam on almost one million acres of Dehesa (acorn tree forest) in the Valley of the Pedroches in the province of C¢rdoba, Spain. Each pig has almost 2 acres to itself and feasts on acorns from Encina Oak trees, which are considered to be the sweetest in Spain. These Dehesa Cordobesa? products are from 100% purebred Ib‚rico pigs that finish their lives eating acorns until they reach the correct weight for slaughter. The fat in the meat is high in oleic acid and Omega-3 fatty acids, both thought to help decrease bad cholesterol.

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Cured loin, flavored with paprika. It?s an extremely tender and flavorful cut.
100% Iberico bellota cured loin