Degustus Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L (101 fl oz)

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101 Oz.
The essence of Degustus oil is, without doubt, its source. The variety of olive that we use to make all our products is the ARBEQUINA. A native variety, very well adapted to the area in which we are located (Les Garrigues Altes). It is considered a rustic variety and therefore adapts very well to adverse weather conditions such as winter frost and lack of water. The olives grow in the surroundings of Mas del Senyor estate in the Northeast part of Spain. This magnificent estate, although equipped with all the modern production methods, was built in 1907 and is located at the bottom of the hill from which it derives its name. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and arid soil, which is often exposed to freezing winters and dry summers. The environment and climate are fundamental for obtaining this special and characteristic product. This extra virgin oil is obtained directly from the olives through mechanical processes. It is a superior quality oil free of defects, with no additives or refined oils of any kind and an acidity of less than 0.8%. In short, extra virgin oil is a juice made from the pulp of the olive with an excellent aroma and flavor.

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Green-ripe fruitiness, medium-high intensity. Well balanced bitterness and spiciness. Secondary aromas: fresh grass, artichoke, tomato, almond.
Perfect for salad dressing, ideal with toasted bread with tomato and oregano. Good with plain yogurt and to add a hint of flavor to any cream and puree.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina Olives