Campomar Nature Organic Nonpareil Capers 100 g (3.5 Oz)

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Campomar Nature
3.5 Oz. (2.3 Oz. drained weight)
Campomar Nature capers have a less bitter, salty taste than the typical caper. The best and most expensive capers are the smallest ones. As they get bigger, they get softer and less concentrated in flavor. In grocery stores in this country you?re more likely to find jars of brined capers, while salted capers are available only in specialty food stores and some supermarkets. After blind-testing several widely available brands of nonpareil capers (the smallest and most aromatic kind) in brine, Campomar Nature capers soared to the top with their perfect balance of brine, vinegar, and salt and their firm, pleasantly crunchy texture.

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These capers are nicely salty with a touch of acidity. Their small size makes the perfect explosion of flavors in each bite.
Smaller capers that work perfectly for topping dishes like chicken piccata or having them directly from the jar. These capers add a bright salty touch to any meal.
Capers, water, salt and vinegar.