Campomar Nature Organic Cracked Olives w/Spices (KOSHER) 350 g.(12.34 Oz)

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Campomar nature
12.34 Oz. (7.05 Oz. drained weight)
Alore¤a Olives are green, with a firm texture and a pit easy to remove. These olives are marinated with a delicious combination of organic oregano, cumin, and paprika. The method used in the production allows the olives to absorb the spices, which gives the final product an exquisite taste. Campomar Nature S.L. is a Spanish company that specializes in organic food with factories in Sevilla and Alicante. They have a strict quality system that guarantees their customers to have only the best products on their tables.

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This flavoured and already chracked olives taste naturaly delicious and healthy.
Ideal for salads, as an appetizer, or for Spanish specialities.
Broken green olives with pit, oregano, cumin, paprika, water salt, vinegar, citric acid and lactic acid.