Campomar Nature Organic Caperberry 370 g. (13 oz)

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Campomar Nature
8.46 Oz. (4.4 Oz. drained weight)
A very easy way to enjoy delicious caperberries from Spain. This delicious appetizer is great with some manchego cheese and jam¢n. Try broiling or grilling the caperberries if you prefer a hot tapa. You can even add a little jam¢n or piquillo pepper to the cheese for an extra treat. Campomar Nature S.L. is a Spanish Company that specializes in organic food, with factories in Sevilla and Alicante. They have a strict quality system that guarantees their customers have only the best products on their tables.

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They have a mild but fruity flavor.
Caperberries can be used as an alternative to olives in pasta or salad. Also perfect to pair with smoked salmon.
organic caperberries, water, salt and organic wine vinegar