Garrotxa (Goat) (Catalunya) Wedge 6 oz

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Sant Gil Di Albio
SPAIN Catalunya
6 Oz.(6 Oz. drained weight)

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Garrotxa pairs well with crusty country bread, nuts and is best served with white wines such as a Catalonian Priorat, Pinot Gris, Verdejo, or Chardonnay. Typically served at the end of a meal with almonds, walnuts, and wine.
Garrotxa is a semi-hard, aged or young cheese with a soft paste and a moist, creamy, yet almost flaky, texture and invokes memories of mountain herbs, walnuts, and mushrooms.
It's milky, delicate taste is not at all typical of a goat?s cheese.
Pasteurized goat's milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, cheese cultures, lysozyme (from egg). Rind rubbed with olive oil.