Casa Pons Olive Cocktail Mix. 300 gr. (10.6 Oz.)

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Casa Pons
10.6 Oz.(5.64 Oz. drained weight)

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The Pons Family, from the Catalonia region of Spain, produces a broad range of high quality olive oils complemented by a careful selection of food products representative of Spain and the Mediterranean region.

The Pons Olive Cocktail Mix is the ultimate Spanish mix of specially selected whole green and black olives, small caperberries, gherkins, red peppers and garlic which have been marinated in their own extra virgin olive oil with a special herb seasoning to finish this collaboration.
This cocktail mix can be used in salads, appetizers or as a side dish with fish, meats or rice. Served with fresh or crusty bread. It is a fantastic tapas for your table.
green olives, black olives, gherkins, garlics, caperberries, red pepper, water, EVOO, salt, vinegar, mixed herbs, flavour enhacer, acidulants, preservative, firming agent