Casa Pons Hojiblanca EVOO 500 ml (16.9 Fl.Oz.)

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Casa Pons
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The Pons family has been growing and harvesting olive trees since 1945, following a tradition that, more than half a century later, allows us to enjoy a magnificent Olive Oil referred to as green gold.

Among the outstanding characteristics of the oils from the Pons family groves are their low acidity, their intense green color, their aroma and fruity flavor.

Single varietal oils, as opposed to those with a blend of several olive varieties, are a bit more distinctive and pronounced in flavor, and can therefore be more easily adapted to a specific food preparation.
Pons Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a mild flavor, fruity and fresh aroma, and a light peppery finish. Its acidity level is 0.5.
It is exquisite for pasta, rice and grilled meat.
EVOO. Acidity max: 0.5%