Campomar Nature Raw Organic Heather Honey 480 g. (16.9 Oz)

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Campomar Nature
SPAIN Catalunya
16.93 Oz.( drained weight)

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Raw organic Honey means that the honey is just simply extract from the hive and bottled without any processes in betwwen like heating or filtering.
Heather honey is the broad term for honey produced from the Erica species of the heath and heather family, Ericaceae.
It has a dark amber color with orange hues that turns light brown when crystallized. It is very fragrant almost pungent spicy, with a woody, caramel aroma.
Normally sweet with a strong, sharp, slightly bitter taste. Caramel and cocoa flavor. The aftertaste persists. It crystallizes quickly into a fine smooth texture.
It is well matched with medium to strong cheeses and excellent with aged cheese.
pure organic honey