MARIA JESUS Guindilla Peppers in Brine 700 g. (1.54 Lb)

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Guindilla peppers, also known as Piparras, are delicious Spanish chillies, often from the Basque Country. But what makes them unique is their medium hot taste with a sweet flavour. They are yellowish- green, long and narrow with a slight curve.
The thin green peppers are picked early and packed in white wine vinegar creating a tangy and perfectly spicy treat, which makes them just delicious.
They have the heat of something like a banana pepper but they are more delicate and complex.
They are medium hot but also sweet.
We recommend them with good cheese and a crisp white wine for a easy and quick appetizer. You can also spear them on a toothpick with an olive and anchovy for the classic "Gilda" pintxo, or add them to a Bloody Mary for a unique garnish.
Guindilla pepers, vinegar, salt and antioxidant e-300 (vitamin C)