Garrotxa (Goat) (Catalunya) 4/2#

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This artisanally produced goat’s milk cheese is aged 55 days and has luscious depth and great acidic balance. Josep produces this semihard cheese just outside of Tarragona in the Garrotxa area. It is the most famous Catalan cheese and is distinguished from other cheeses, usually, by the mold growth on its rind. Ours, however, is mostly free from mold and rubbed with olive oil. This is a tremendous table cheese, full bodied and flavorful, with a long, smooth finish that hints of nuts and herbs.
Garrotxa is a semi-hard, aged or young cheese with a soft paste and a moist, creamy, yet almost flaky, texture and invokes memories of mountain herbs, walnuts, and mushrooms. It's milky, delicate taste is not at all typical of a goat’s cheese.
Garrotxa pairs well with crusty country bread, nuts and is best served with white wines such as a Catalonian Priorat, Pinot Gris, Verdejo, or Chardonnay. Typically served at the end of a meal with almonds, walnuts, and wine.
Pasteurized goat's milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, cheese cultures, lysozyme (from egg). Rind rubbed with olive oil.