Cabra Romero (Rosemary Goat) (Murcia) 6/2#

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Murcia is known for its excellent quality goat’s milk and this cheese highlights it. Very versatile. Many rosemary cheeses turn steely but this is excellent quality rosemary.
Murcia has been making goat cheese for years and this is an exemplary one – the cheese is sweet, not overly goatee.
This type of cheese is not characteristic of Murcia; most rosemary cheeses are made in Castilla- La Mancha. The producer loved how the cheese looked and tasted with the herb so he added it to his line.
Round, two pound cheese covered with copious rosemary. Cheese paste is milky white.
A semisoft goat’s milk cheese produced by Don Lorenzo in Murcia, Cabra Romero is made from the rich, creamy milk of the Murciana goat.
Covered with loads of fresh rosemary and aged for roughly 90 days.
Cabra-Romero is creamy and silky smooth with a very clean finish that hints of rosemary. 6/2#
Mild and creamy, no bitter finish. Though the flavor of the herb is evident from the first to the last bite, it balances rather than competes with the cheese.
Serve with Marcona almonds, or mostarda pear, or fig cake and a glass of Monastrell from Murcia
Pasteurized Goat’s Milk, Salt, Rennet, Cheese Cultures. On rind: Rosemary (1%) and Lard.