Paški Sir (Sheep) (Pag, Croatia) 2/5#

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This cheese is a one-year-aged pasteurized cheese made from the sheep raised on the island of Pag, Croatia. During the year only a few wheels of cheese are produced. On the Island or Prag are a total of 40,000 sheep; which are smaller than average. The island is windy with little vegetation, what little grass it has is in the hills, and due to the cross winds much of the salt water blows over it.
The sheep produce very little milk, maximum just a half liter per day. On top of that their diet is influenced by the salty grass they eat. In total it takes 16-19 sheep or more (6-6.5L) to produce one of this unique wheels of cheese. Our producer is Paška Sirana. They have 200 members who together have 3000 sheep. The cheesemaker, Nenad, has been making cheese for 15 years. For a cheese with this much age, it is amazing the amount of moisture still in the paste.

Complex crystallization gives a nice crunch that complements the toffee notes in the flavor that is rounded out with hints of gaminess and cultured butter.