Tetilla DOP (Cow) (Galicia) 6/2#

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The name Tetilla is Galician for “small breast”, which describes the shape of the cheese – a pear shaped cone topped by a nipple. Tetilla is a semisoft cow’s milk cheese aged 15-20 days – very creamy. It got its shape from the teats of a cow. In Galicia they copied this shape as an homage, as there are lots of cows in the area so a lot of the region’s cheeses are made with cow’s milk.
Yellowish ivory in colour Tetilla has a creamy mouth feel with buttery, slightly bitter and tangy flavours surrounding the palate. The cheese is also spreadable.
Try Tetilla with dry full-bodied wine, sherry, young whites, manzanilla and especially the Galician whites - albariño or ribeiro. Spanish love their cheese at the end og a meal served with quince paste, fruit, crackers, baked dishes and bread.
pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, salt, enzymes