Ramon Pena Silver Yellowfin Tuna (Atun Claro) belly in Olive Oil 110g (3.88 Oz)

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3.88 Oz.(0.17 Lb. drained weight)

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The Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil Ram¢n Pe¤a is an exquisite, this kind of tuna is also known as " Thunnus albacares", it is one of the most valued and traded kinds of tuna within the tuna family. The size of these fish can exceed 230 cm in length and 200kg in weight, their flesh is firm and light brown.We recommend: consume at ambient temperature, perfect?

Ramon Pe¤a selects its yellowfin tuna with a specific level of fat to get the best flavor. The fat content of the tuna belly is what gives it a delicate and unique flavour.
Yellowfin Tuna has a medium-mild flavor with very firm texture. Compared to other Tunas it is less flavorful than Bigeye but more flavorful than Albacore
Mediterranean Tuna Salad, Flatbread, Lemony Tuna and white beans Kale with avocado
Yellowfin tuna belly, olive oil, and salt