Ramon Pena Silver Small sardines in hot Olive Oil (12/16) 115g (4.07 Oz)

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4.06 Oz.(0.17 Oz. drained weight)

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These sardines are fished at down at the interior of the Arousa Ria in July and August, which is when they are more plump.

Like every Ramon Pena product, these sardines are delicately manufatured by hand with the maximum respect to the product. The tender meat of these sardines have a delicate texture in the mouth, which is a consequence of the care with wich they are handled, packed by hand, one by one.
Mild spicy chili flavor
Perfect in pastas and salads, on toasted bread. It can also be enjoyed as a tapa, paired with a glass of white wine.
Sardines, olive oil, pepper and salt.