Ramon Pena Silver Razor Clams in Brine (6/8) 115g (4.06 Oz)

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4.06 Oz(0.15 Lb. drained weight)

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Conservas Ramon Pena is a premier producer of fine canned seafood. The Razors ?Navajas? Ram¢n Pe¤a is an exceptional quality seafood collected 100% in R¡as Baixas.
The biggest and best razor shells are selected from the day's catch. Through a purification process, the razor shells are cleaned and the sand is removed. After several washes, the product is canned manually with water and salt to enhance the natural taste of the shells. No additives or preservatives.

Ramon Pena ties up tradition, flavor and quality to offer an exclusive product with the best fishes and seafood. Galican Rias is a privileged area, located at the West side of mainland Europe, where climate and the purity of their waters make these Rias be a unique place for traditional local fishery and sellfish culture of a high gastronomic value.
Firm texture, mild brininess, and a mild clam flavor.
We recommend serving with a squeeze of lemon at room temperature. Accompany with a cold good white wine from Rias Baixas.
Razorshells, water, and salt