Ramon Pena Silver Octopus in Olive Oil & Paprika galician style 110g (3.88 Oz)

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3.9 Oz.(0.19 Lb. drained weight)

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Ram¢n Pe¤a products come from Galician estuaries. It is the most rich and appreciated fishing zone in Spain and it has the most demanded raw material sector.
Its extraordinary position, the best climatologic conditions, and the purity of the water turn this estuaries into a unique environment with a big gastronomic value.
We only buy season products and we buy them in the market.
This octopus is manually packed with saut‚ed onions in a Galician sauce. The sauce consists of salt, pepper, oil and paprika, which gaves the octopus a delicious note. The divine texture and flavor make the Galician style boiled octopus by Ram¢n Pe¤a a high quality product, through which we can discover the real taste of Galicia.

We don?t use preservatives, colorants or additives and we maintain strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.
Soft-bodied, light, moist and full of the flavors
An original way to taste our octopus is grinding the kimchi and using it to decorate one of our canned octopus medallions with a bit chive and black salt. Cooked patatoes, spiced using sweet or spicy paprika.
Octopus, olive oil, onions, paprika, and salt.