Artichoke Semi-Large Halves Tray (6-8pc)

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330 Gr.(330 Gr. drained weight)

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These semi-large artichoke halves are grown and prepared by Caprichos del Paladar in Murcia, Spain. They are the only Spanish conservas company that uses traditional methods to cultivate their crops. They are in control of the entire process, from the farming methods to the cooking and preparation of the vegetables. The artichokes go from field to package in a maximum of 8 hours, ensuring exquisite freshness and flavor. They are sweet, tender, and of the highest quality. 12/330g

Artichokes hearts made with fres Spanish products, cooked in a water bath, without artificial colors or preservatives.
Naturally sweet and fresh tasting. Tender and juicy to the palate
Serve on an antipasto platter with cheese, olives, and jamón serrano. Can be used in many culinary applications, including crostini, pasta, salads, and pizza.
Artichokes, water, salt, citric acid