Ramon Pena Gold Squids in Ink (6/8) 130g (4.6 Oz)

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4.6 Oz.(3.88 Oz. drained weight)

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Conservas Ramon Pena is a premier producer of fine canned seafood.
These Squids in ink are very unique because they are packed whole in each can. After cleaning the cephalopod, the squids are cooked in in water with a high quantity of salt to get the proper texture.
The Squids are packed fully cooked and ready to eat. They have a mild, enchanting flavor that can be accompanied by any type of food or drink. The squids are cleaned and boiled, then are cooled down and canned by hand. The only other ingredients are olive oil and salt.

Ramon Pena ties up tradition, flavor and quality to offer an exclusive product with the best fishes and seafood. Galican Rias is a privileged area, located at the West side of mainland Europe, where climate and the purity of their waters make these Rias be a unique place for traditional local fishery and sellfish culture of a high gastronomic value.
Because no additives or preservatives are added the squids have a excellent and natural taste.
It is excellent as an appetizer with crackers, used in pasta, or any way you want to eat them. The baby squid in ink are delightful with a crisp glass of white wine or cava.
Squids, olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, salt, wheat flour, ink and paprika.