Prosciutto San Daniele Denel 18mo 1/16#

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San Daniele has a tear-drop shape. Meat has rosy-red hue and is marbled with white fat. It is DOP protected prosciutto from Fulvi Venezia Giulia.

Prosciutto di San Daniele comes from the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the hilly area around the town of San Daniele. Recognizable by its teardrop shape and the consortium stamp, it is made solely of the meat of pigs born and bred in Italy and sea salt.

Preserving meat in salt dates back to Celtic times but was refined by the Romans and perfected by producers like Leoncini. Based in Friuli, this family owned business has been around for nearly 100 years. They excel at making Prosciutto San Daniele, selecting the best legs and carefully trimming and maturing them. The aging legs benefit from the unique microclimate of the region, formed by the combination of Alpine winds and Adriatic sea breezes. The finished ham is deeper red with a whiter fat and is more savory than its Parma counterpart. We bring in our Denel San Daniele when it’s best aged, from 18-20 months.
Delicately sweet, aromatic flavor that tends to be more savory than Parma hams. Keep cool. Slice thinly and allow to come to room temperature before sampling.
Sliced thin with aged cheeses (Sapore) or soft, mild ones (Nuvola di Picora). Excellent with melon and fruit pulp, figs, pears, grapes or pineapple. Best served with delicate whites, ideally, from Friuli.
Pork, salt.