El Madrono Organic Spanish Sweet Paprika 2.5 Oz

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EL Madrono
2.5 Oz.
Pimenton de la Vera is a paprika from Spain's western region of Extremadura, from dried and smoothly ground mature red peppers. Pimenton is the secret ingredient in countless Spanish recipes. The precious powder is indispensable, for many types of Spanish sausage such as chorizo and lomo pork loin. The difference between the organic paprika and the original paprikas is, that it's in the scent without smoke and it's softer. We producers take care that in the process of planting and harvesting has not mad any chemical intervention for optimal development. The ground and the seed are also certified as organic and they do not use any pesticides, fertilizers or other similar substances.

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The taste is comparable to smoked paprika but in a special spanish way, which you cannot explain in words. The spices gaves every spanish dish the absolutely perfect, intensic and authentic note of the spanish cuisine.
Paprika is used in sofrito, the mixture of onions and other ingredients fried in olive oil that forms the basis of many slow-cooked disches.It appears in rice and patato disches, is appreciated with fish and in omelettes, and is essential to romesco sauce
Organic Spanish Paprika Sweet.