ROMANICO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina olives 16.9 Fl.Oz

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Romanico Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain originates in olive groves that have been cared by expert hands that have passed their wisdom from generation to generation. The utmost care and protection of the environment during the growing season, harvest, at the mill and in bottling are the guiding principles of Romanico Ecologico.
The result of such care is the indescribable taste of Romanico Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an incomparable oil from Arbequina olives characterized by the delicate nuances of its flavors and textures.
This straightforward oil has an aroma of apples, lemons and nuts followed by a nuttier flavor with some light bitterness and pepper.” By Judy Ridgway’s, author of Best Olive Oil Buys Round the World.
Romanico is known for a delicate aroma, robust body, yellowish green color. This olive oil has a lightly fruited, slightly sweet taste.
It is ideal for cooking, however as a dressing, it imparts a unique and special flavor to a plethora of dishes while enhancing their natural aromas and qualities.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina olives