Maldon Tidman's Natural Rock Salt. Packs 500 gr. (17.63 Oz)

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Tidman's Natural Rock Salt is extracted from ancient rock deposits and is a natural seasoning containing important minerals essential for a healthy diet. These coarse crystals are ideal for salt grinders.

Rock Salt can be used as a topping on Italian focaccia, rubbed into meat, chicken and potatoes for crispy crackling skin, baking fish in salt for succulence, in marinades and dressing, pickling vegetables, or in baking bread for a golden crust.

Tidman?s, a long-established salt brand, merged with Maldon in the 1970?s. Tidman?s Rock Salt is a coarse salt for mills and grinders. It puts up the sort of fight that grinders appreciate. A pure white rock salt, it not only brings out the flavor of food, but also includes naturally occurring minerals important for any healthy diet.
Pure Sea Salt from Spain