Lagremar Organic Raw Chestnut Honey 250g. (8.81Oz)

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SPAIN Catalunya
250 Gr.( drained weight)

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Catalan Gourmet introduces a new line of organic USDA certified ORGANIC raw honey and honeybee products from Spain. Now we offer Forest Honey, Wild Flower Honey, Chestnut Honey, and Pollen Granules. These premium honeys are superfood and a natural healthy energy booster.
The company Alemany is based in a small village in Catalonia, which is surrounded by nature. Because of their traditions, Alemany has won many awards for the premium quality of their honey.

Chestnut Honey is one of the healthiest, thanks to its high mineral content, strong antioxidant properties, and powerful anti-bacterial qualities.

Health Benefits:
- rich in trace minerals and iron, vitamins B and C,
- strengthens muscles, blood circulation, regulating, liver and stomach,
- relieving fatigue,
- strengthens the immune system.

Chestnut Honey brings positive effects to the respiratory and digestive systems.

May contain traces of nuts.
Our Chestnut honey is dark and rich in flavor.
Our favorite way to enjoy it is adding chestnut honey to a hazelnut gelato, but you can also spread it on a crepe, pair it with cheese or bake with it. It is also great on a rustic walnut bread with a flavorful Gorgonzola.
Raw Organic Honey.