Special Flour for Frying Fish 10 Kg (22 Lbs)

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Harinas Sanchez
10 Kg.(10 Kg. drained weight)

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This flour is obtained from wheat that has been elaborated with the porpoise of frying fish, Andalusian stile. It is possible to achieve fried calamari and sea food to perfection, with smooth texture, crunchy sensation and golden color. This flour has extraordinarily low humidly (15%) and it will absorb almost no oil, thus highlighting the flavor of the fish as opposed to the frying oil. For restaurants that fry large amounts it will be also a significant saving on oil, because it will last longer clean and also because it will require less top up.
Smooth texture and crunchy. Low penetration of the frying oil into the product will highlight the product itself, rather than the frying oil.
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