Genuini Fulvi Pecorino Romano DOP Wedges 7 oz

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Genuine Fulvi
7 Oz.(7 Oz. drained weight)

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This ancient cheese is made from 100% sheep’s milk collected in the countryside of Rome and produced in Nepi, 15 miles north of the city. Aged 10 months to 1 year and coated in black wax per tradition, Fulvi® is in a class by itself. What separates Fulvi®
Rich, creamy, and explosive in flavor. Sharp, yet less salty than most Romanos.
As a table cheese with fresh fava beans, with fruit like grapes or pears. Shaved or crumbled over salads, grated over pasta and pizza. Likewise, serve a robust red such as Taurasi or a Super Tuscan
Pasteurized sheep’s milk, rennet, salt