MARIA JESUS Piquillo Peppers in Jars Wood Fire Roasted (12-14) 290g (10 oz.)

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These piquillo peppers are produced in Navarra by a small producer that stills uses traditional methods. Peppers are roasted over wood fire, then pealed by hand and packed in small glass jars. No water touches the peppers after roasting. That is specially important to preserve the natural flavor. It is packed in small containers to ensure the sterilization hit will be homogeneous and quick. No preservatives of any kind are added. There are many piquillo peppers in the market, but we haven't been able to find any that compare to ours in terms of flavor, size, color and strength, that makes them perfect for stuffing. They are available in two formats, glass jar and tin.
This piquillo are characterized by an fresh and natural taste with a light sweet note.
Stuff with spanish tuna or spreadable cheese for a easy snack or put it on your salad, roast it or eat it directly and fresh.
Piavillo peppers, salt and citric acid