Mojo Picon, spicy Canary Island condiment

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This spicy Canary Island condiment has been personalized by Chef Mikel Trevino de Luis. Basque born, inspired to cook by his Amona (grandmother in Basque language), Mikel made this condiment his signature. As everyone who tasted it wanted to eat it with a spoon until it was gone, he collaborated with Forever Cheese to make his dream a reality. The condiment is currently produced in Spain by Paiarrop, who has worked alongside Mikel to learn how to realize his special sauce. The basis for aMona? Mojo Pic¢n is almonds, extra virgin olive oil and a few other ingredients. Marcona Almonds are one of the ways that make this Mojo Pic¢n different from others in the marketplace. Another is the texture ? it is a bit broken and thick, not blended too much so it seems like ketchup.
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Smoky and a touch spicy with a rich texture that creates slight breakings in the olive oil.
Thi is a very versatile sauce. It is wonderful paired with seafood, hummus, avocados, potatoes or as a dip for bread. Use it in anything you'd like to add a bit of smoke and spice!
extra virgin olive oil, almonds, marcona almonds, white wine vinegar, harissa paste (chili 52%, water, modified starch, salt, garlic, coriander, caraway, citric acid), garlic, cumin, la dalia paprika from la vera, oregano, salt
  • 3.52 Oz.
  • 3.52 Oz. / 12
  • 9L 6W 4.75H
  • 3.52 Oz.
  • 9L 6W 4.75H
  • 12 units/case