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Pre-sliced Tapas Essential Ham 16/3oz

Size:3 Oz.
Sku: PHAM03
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Pre-sliced Tapas Essential Ham 16/3oz

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Serrano Ham is the Spanish counterpart of the Italian Prosciutto Crudo even though the texture and taste are slightly different because the traditional production processes are also quite different. This Serrano Ham is already sliced and ready to eat.

The category Espuna Tapas Essential presents traditional Spanish Tapas and cured meats are readily available for any occasion.

Espuna represents Spain' finest, authentically produced, regionally inspired, cured meats available in the market. They are passionate about producing delicious, natural exceptional, high-quality foods by using original, authentic Spanish recipes.

Tasting Note

Taste wise, a slice of Serrano Ham is firmer and has a very nice aromatic taste and flavor.

Food Paring

Prepare a small slice of crusty bread and rub a tomato that has been previously cut in half. Add a trickle of olive oil over it. Place 1 slice of Serrano Ham over the prepared bread and serve.

Logistical Information

Net Drained Weight allergens WEIGHT (Lbs) unit UNITS PER CASE Case WxLxH (inches) Refrigerated? Cases/Layer in pallet Layers in pallet Case Bar Code Unit Bar Code
0 N/A N/A 2.99 Cs 16 9.75x8x6 TRUE 12 5 8410060588509 8410060588509