Manchego DOP Aurora? 6 mov(Sheep) (La Mancha) 2/6#

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6 Lbs (7 Lbs drained weight)
Manchego is Spain's most famous cheese. It is produced in Central Spain's La Mancha region. It takes its name from the dry plateau of La Mancha, south of Madrid,. Baptized by the Arabs, Al Mansha, which means "land without water". The territory is known for its fierce winds, violent temperature ( up to 122øF /50øC) swings , and minimal rainfall. Uncultivated land still exists in the mountains, woodlands, around riverbanks, and on the plains, to provide summer gazing for the hardy sheep, whose thick, sweet aromatic milk gives Manchego its character and makes the cheese unique. It appeals to cheese lovers of all ages and backgrounds.
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The depth and complexity of flavor depends on age, but all Manchego has an unmistakable richness reminiscent of Brazil nuts and caramel, with a distinct aroma of lanolin and roast lamp, and a slightly salty finish. The texture is dry yet creamy.
Like all hard cheeses, Manchego keeps well and is gorgeous eaten just as it is; however, when cooked, lends a nutty, sweetness to the dish. Manchego will absorb tannin, so enjoy it with a robust or young rough red, crispy white wine.
past. Manchega sheep's milk, rennet, salt, enzymes, lysozyme (from egg white)
  • 6 Lbs
  • 7Lbs Drained
  • 6 Lbs / 2
  • 16.75L 8.5W 4.5H
  • 6 Lbs
  • 16.75L 8.5W 4.5H
  • 2 units/case