Genuine Fulvi Pecorino Romano DOP Wedges 7 oz

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Genuine Fulvi
7 Oz. (7 Oz. drained weight)
This ancient cheese is made from 100% sheep?s milk collected in the countryside of Rome and produced in Nepi, 15 miles north of the city. Aged 10 months to 1 year and coated in black wax per tradition, Fulvi? is in a class by itself. What separates Fulvi? from other Pecorino Romanos is the higher butterfat content of the whole (not skimmed) sheep?s milk from Lazio, making it less dry and hard than those made in Sardinia. The cheese is also less salty, allowing you to enjoy its rich flavor grated or eaten as is. Even a small amount will create a hearty flavor to enhance your favorite dish. Random weight wedges (no wax) 60/10oz
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Rich, creamy, and explosive in flavor. Sharp, yet less salty than most Romanos.
As a table cheese with fresh fava beans, with fruit like grapes or pears. Shaved or crumbled over salads, grated over pasta and pizza. Likewise, serve a robust red such as Taurasi or a Super Tuscan
Pasteurized sheep?s milk, rennet, salt
  • 7 Oz.
  • 7Oz. Drained
  • 7 Oz. / 12
  • 7 Oz.
  • 12 units/case