Flour for Churros 25 kg

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Panificadora Conquense Agricola, S.A.
25 Kg. (25 Kg. drained weight)
Churro is a fried-dough pastry and a famous snack from Spain. This wheat is the base of every churros recipe. It has a great consistency and gluten of high quality. Recipe - 1 litre of boiling water, - 550g to 590 g of CHURROS flour, - 15 g of table salt. Heat up the water and add the salt. Heat up the flour for a few minutes, until it is warm. When the water boils, add the warm flour and stir until the mixture is nice and smooth ( it should take a couple of minutes in a mixer). The dough should be firm and not stick to your fingers. After forming the churros, heat oil (ideal is sunflower)to a temperature of 200ΓΈ and fry them until they become crunchy. Ideal from both sides around two minutes. When they are cool, but some sugar on top or cinamon and sugar.
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Churros are crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.
Make some churros as explained above and sprinkle them with sugar. You can dip it in melted chocolate or serve with ice cream.
Soft wheat flour (extraction rate:71%). Great consistency and gluten of high quality.
  • 25 Kg.
  • 25Kg. Drained
  • 25 Kg. / 1
  • 16L 24W 5H
  • 25 Kg.
  • 16L 24W 5H
  • 1 units/case
  • 5 Ti
  • 8 Hi
  • 40 cases