Fideua No-1, Traditional Artisanal Spanish thin nodle

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Pastes Canigo
SPAIN Catalunya
11 Lb.
There are many kinds of wheat, long or round grain, bigger or smaller, and they all give a different flour. CanigĀ¢, of limited production, can guarantee that the semolina that is used comes from high quality durum wheat both by its tone (amber color) and by its palate ( "Bouquet "). Something that brands of mass production cannot make. The raw material of top quality pasta is simply 100% durum wheat semolina and water. The composition does not use any type of colorants, preservatives or any other additive or substance that can modify or alter its natural characteristics. This product is made in the mountains of Montseny, Catalunya. The pure mountain air and water helps make this high quality product.
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Used in various dishes in traditional Spanish cooking. Use fideos pasta in soups and booths. To make the perfect fideua, cook these noodles in a seafood broth and add fresh seafood and shellfish. Fideua noodles are a classic for the Catalan cuisine.
100% durum wheat semolina and water
No traces of egg, milk nor nuts
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