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Monte Enebro (Goat) (Castilla y León, Spain) 3/1kg

Size:2.2 Lbs (2.2 Lbs drained weight)
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Monte Enebro (Goat) (Castilla y León, Spain) 3/1kg

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This soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese is aged 30-45 days in the Sierra del Gredos mountains of Avila, near Madrid. Further it is handmade exclusively by legendary cheese maker Rafael and his daughter Paloma.
the blue mould develops only on the rind of the cheese, adding to Monte Enebro's distinctive appearance and complex flavour. It is one of the most reputed, new-age cheeses from Spain.
The cheese is extraordinary. Monte Enebro has won numerous awards, and once you taste it it becomes clear why! 3/1kg

Tasting Note

The flavor of this semi-soft cheese is lightly acidic, creamy, not salty, which intensifies along the length of the mouth.

Food Paring

Its assertive, robust flavours pair well with an Alsatian Gewurztraminer, Sauternes or Muscat. Savor with muscatel dessert wine, add to beetroot salad, or fry in tempura batter and serve with orange blossom honey.

Logistical Information

Net Drained Weight allergens WEIGHT (Lbs) unit UNITS PER CASE Case WxLxH (inches) Refrigerated? Cases/Layer in pallet Layers in pallet Case Bar Code Unit Bar Code
2.2 Lbs N/A 6.60 Lbs 3 N/AxN/AxN/A TRUE N/A N/A N/A N/A