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Pimenton Hot, Non Smoked 1000g./35.28 oz.

Size:35.274 Oz.
Sku: PMTH1000
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Pimenton Hot, Non Smoked 1000g./35.28 oz.

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Milled with a blend of several different types of Spanish peppers, this intensely non smoked paprika is red in color and nothing like the bland grocery store paprika many of us are accustomed to buying.
Unsmoked hot paprika is made from peppers that have been dried naturally under the blazing Mediterranean sun of Murcia. Its classic rich and deep flavor. Don't let the "hot" in its name scare you away! Spanish cuisine doesn't assault you with spice like some Mexican or Latin American dishes do.

Tasting Note

This deeply flavored paprika is mild spicy and overwhelming.

Logistical Information

Net Drained Weight allergens WEIGHT (Lbs) unit Case WxLxH (inches) Refrigerated? Cases/Layer in pallet Layers in pallet Case Bar Code Unit Bar Code
N/A N/A N/A 4.18 Each 8.5x13x16 FALSE 96 5 N/A 8411388231504